Audio Narration

Domien De Groot – The voice of your choice

Audio Narration

Professional narration in English & Flemish

If you need a narrator for a commercial, a documentary or a creative project, Domien De Groot can provide a rich voice-over performance from his home studio. Domien is an experienced narrator, both in English and in Dutch, but he is also available for other types of voice work. He has worked for e-learning videos, animation, museum audio tour guides, language courses, audiobooks, commercials and audio dramas.

Voice acting

Domien started making audio drama twenty years ago as a hobby. He is still doing it today, albeit on a semi-professional level. Domien writes and performs in these stories. You can find out more about them on the Audio Epics website.

Examples of Domien’s voice

Intrigued by Domien’s narration and voice over? Listen to a few samples: